Net Worth Update

Asset/Liability Value
LendingClub (Roth) 5,572.34
RealtyShares 4,000.00
Taxable Brokerage 14,852.76
Roth IRA 6,334.45
I-bonds 10,022.00
Cash 1,874.00
AHP Fund 240.00
NetWorth: 42895.55


My unemployment funds are running out

For some reason, I was only entitled to about 4 months of unemployment instead of the usual 6.  I’ve sent a message to the unemployment office about this, but they have yet to get back to me.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to extend the unemployment benefits by ~ 2 months if needed.  However, I do sincerely hope to be fully employed by july.

Crickets, and ultimately rejection

So far, I’ve applied to around 20 companies online, and have not received any word back.  This makes me believe that I am doing something wrong, so I decided to start focusing on networking more so than applying to jobs.  So far, I’ve connected with about 6 engineers that are in the process engineering space, which is the field of engineering that I’d like to get into.

In order to combat this, I’m going to start setting up some daily goals that I need to hit.  My first goal is going to be to either reach out a new person to form a connection, or strengthen an existing connection daily.  My second goal is going to make 1 quality application per day (thoroughly research company, tailor resume hard, tailor cover letter hard, reach out to hiring managers at company, email + mail them my application, follow-up with a phone call).  Hopefully, over the course of a few weeks, these two goals can get me an interview lined up.

New Investments – Target Stock & The Second Inflation Bond

Last post, I talked about how I purchased $2K worth of TGT.  Well, I decided to go ahead and purchase $2K more.  I decided that I have too much liquidity at the moment and I want to get my funds invested.  After purchasing another $2K shares of TGT, I’ll still have ample funds leftover to purchase an I-bond this coming may.  After I purchase the I-bond, I estimate that my cash reserves will drop to around $1000.  That’s pretty good as it means that most of my capital will be deployed and earning money!  However, its also bad in the sense that I won’t have the cash to invest in any awesome opportunities that come about.

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