Net Worth Update

Asset/Liability Value
LendingClub (Roth) 5,600.00
RealtyShares 4,000.00
Taxable Brokerage 14,793.00
Roth IRA 6,351.00
I-bonds 10,022.00
Cash 3,648.76
AHP Fund 240.00
NetWorth: 44654.76


Job Update

I think that my interview for Regeneron went decently and I may get a follow up interview request from the hiring manager.  Regardless, I’m continuing to look out for new opportunities and apply as much as possible.


Perhaps I should create a course?

I also thought that maybe I should create a course on how to invest in the stock market.  It would be a basic intro course that could help people get started investing.  Other than that I don’t really have too much to update.  I do plan on writing some more content and have a few more guest posts lined for the coming weeks.

Week 32 Update                                                                 Week 36 Update