Net Worth Update:


Asset/Liability Value
LendingClub (Roth) 5,522.90
Taxable Brokerage 6,668.46
Roth IRA 4,041.00
T-IRA 1,820.00
I-bonds 5000
Cash 15,069.48
Motif Investing 2031
NetWorth: 40,152.84

My time with Enterprise Automation is over

March 10, 2017, I was officially let go from my Jr. engineering position with enterprise automation.  To be frank, I do feel depressed, however, I also know that this depression is only going to last a few days, (as that’s about as long as I usually feel sad).  Unfortunately, this is going to significantly hamper my 99K challenge, as my job was my main source of income.  I do, however, plan on claiming unemployment to get some income coming in.

Unemployment in CA

After looking at some charts, I’m expecting to receive about $450 in unemployment benefits each week.  This is going to last for a maximum of 6 months.  Before then, I hope to have found a new position.  In the mean time, I think I’m going to start looking for some target companies to research as well as begin taking care of myself better (by exercising and eating properly).  In addition, I’m going to take some of the extra time I’ll have to start taking online Japanese classes, (as I do want to one day watch anime without needing subtitles).


While my job search is going on, I have two side hustles I could potentially do.

  • Start driving for Uber / Lyft and pocket some driver sign up bonuses (actually scratch this, since this would end up lowering my unemployment benefits)
  • Purchase a used vehicle and start renting it out on TURO (I have the cash available to do so, and since I no longer have a job, I don’t think there is much point in saving it for a down-payment since I won’t be able to get financing from a bank).

One last thing to note

The main reason my networth took a large upswing this time around is due to the following

  • a tax refund
  • employee severance package
  • refund of safety deposit from the room I was renting

Every dollar I add to my net-worth from here on out is going to be a struggle, much like the last half of a run.  Regardless, I’m not giving up on the 99K challenge.  It may take me a bit longer to reach it, but mark my words, I will obtain 99K.

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