Net Worth Update

Asset/Liability Value
LendingClub (Roth) 5,690.00
RealtyShares 4,000.00
Taxable Brokerage 14,690.00
Roth IRA 6,475.00
I-bonds 10,022.00
Cash 4,572.24
AHP Fund 240.00
NetWorth: 45689.24

One thing to note is that my lendingclub investment is has suddenly turned out of a rut.  I had a few people default, bringing my returns down to 4%.  However, most defaulters have started paying again bringing my rate of return to 11%!.

Other than that, my stocks have mostly fallen in value, and I’ve started to receive some income from realtyshares & other fixed income investments.  It’s enough to purchase a few meals every month, but nothing more.

Employment Update

So far, I’ve completed 3 interviews.  1 of which went extremely well.  However, just because a few interviews have gone well doesn’t mean I can relax and stop my hustle.  I need to keep searching and applying for jobs until I have an offer that I’m willing to accept!

Current Website Stats

I’ve decided to share my website stats in addition because It’s something that I want to improve as well – and I’ve found that being accountable for something really helps.  Right now, I’m averaging about 20 sessions per day, (a session occurs when someone visits your website).  I want to increase this to about 50 sessions per day.

How I’m going to increase my traffic

Going from 20 to 50 sessions per day is roughly a 150% increase.  It’s not going to be easy, but I do have some ideas on how to accomplish this.

Guest posts & Back-links

Whenever I guest post on another persons websites, I’ll get a link back to my website.  Even if the guest post does not drive any traffic to me, my overall page ranking improves due to the back-link.  Back-links (links to your website from other websites) are absolutely crucial in getting my pages to rank on google such that I can develop some organic traffic.


Quora is a platform that allows users to ask and answer questions.  By leaving some links to my website in detailed answers I write, I can drive traffic back to my website.  Here’s link to one of the awesome answers I wrote.

That answer resulted in over 40 people clicking through to visit my website over the course of about a week.  By simply writing viral answers on Quora, I can greatly increase my traffic.

Social Media

I’m going to start sharing my content on social media more.  I recently started participating in blog shares, where fellow bloggers share each others articles.  This leads to a wider viewer “net” which allows more people to click through and visit your website.  I’m currently using a scheduling tool called buffer to make keep on top of my social media sharing.

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