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99K Challenge: Rejection And Redirection

Net Worth Update Rejection & Redirection I was rejected from two the companies that I applied to, and it seems that another company that I applied to decided that my talents could perhaps be better suited in their R&D department…. Continue Reading →

99K Challenge: Traveling for interviews

Net Worth Update   Asset/Liability Value LendingClub (Roth) 5,723.46 RealtyShares 4,000.00 Taxable Brokerage 14,378.71 Roth IRA 6,655.01 I-bonds 10,022.00 Cash 5,862.00 AHP Fund 240.00 NetWorth: 46881.18 Not much to say This time around, I haven’t really made any new investments… Continue Reading →

Top Blogger’s Favorite Brokerages For Investing

Who’s your favorite brokerage and why? That’s the question I asked some bloggers. ¬†Below, you’ll get to see each of their unique responses! The responses 1. I love Merrill Edge for those that have $50-100k to invest there. The give… Continue Reading →

Stockpile Review: Investing for the 99 percent

Solving Investor Problems – A Stockpile Review In this blog post, I’m going to do a thorough Stockpile review so that you can decide whether or not Stockpile is the brokerage you want to use to invest in stocks. (This… Continue Reading →

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