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The 99K Challenge: Screw Debt – Chase Opportunity

My first post on this blog, the 99K challenge.  I accepted this challenge to stop saying “I can’t” and start thinking about how “I can”.


The Ultimate Emergency Fund

This post explains the basics of an emergency / opportunity fund and explains why (in extreme detail) the I-bond is the safest vehicle to carry your funds.


The Ultimate Emergency Fund

The Roth IRA – Live Tax Free

This post explains what a Roth IRA is (in extreme detail) and briefly covers who would benefit most from having one and some investment options.

The Roth IRA – Live Tax Free

US Federal Taxes – How To Screw Uncle Sam

This post explains in great detail what US Federal taxes are and how you are affected by them.  It also goes over steps you can take to pay less to the government.  Paying taxes is a choice, not a burden!

An infographic displaying how to lower the amount of taxes you pay

Akash Sky’s Advanced ETF Guide

This post dives into exchange traded funds and explains them thoroughly from top to bottom!