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99K Challenge: Time In The Market

Net worth Update   Asset/Liability Value LendingClub (Roth) 5,634.55 RealtyShares 2,000.00 Taxable Brokerage 16,660.82 Roth IRA 6,147.39 I-bonds 5,022.00 Cash 3,878.63 Motif Investing 2,083.48 AHP Fund 240 NetWorth: 41666.87   Net worth changes I’ve done a lot of investing over… Continue Reading →

99K Challenge: Thematic Investing With Motifs

Net-Worth Update   Asset/Liability Value LendingClub (Roth) 5,522.90 Taxable Brokerage 6,592.56 Roth IRA 4,077.60 T-IRA 1,829.56 I-bonds 5000 Cash 3,560.81 Motif Investing 2501 NetWorth: 29,084.43 Motif? A motif is a theme, a subject, some form of commonality.  Some people over… Continue Reading →

99K Challenge: Obtaining Infinite Korean BBQ

Net Worth Update:   Asset/Liability Value LendingClub 5,501.04 Schwab 12,284.81 I-bonds 5000 Cash 3184.38 Debt 0 NetWorth: 25,970.23 An ingenious plan spurred with greed I love Korean BBQ.  Its perhaps my favorite style of meat to consume.  What I don’t… Continue Reading →

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