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99K Challenge: Time In The Market

Net worth Update   Asset/Liability Value LendingClub (Roth) 5,634.55 RealtyShares 2,000.00 Taxable Brokerage 16,660.82 Roth IRA 6,147.39 I-bonds 5,022.00 Cash 3,878.63 Motif Investing 2,083.48 AHP Fund 240 NetWorth: 41666.87   Net worth changes I’ve done a lot of investing over… Continue Reading →

99K Challenge: Real Estate & Municipal Bonds

99K Challenge¬†Update Asset/Liability Value Investments 17,555.98 Cash 5,209.20 Debt 0 NetWorth: 22,765.18   I’ve got 5K cash – what to invest in? I want to invest in something, but, I’ve exhausted all of my tax-advantaged options. ¬†I’ve already committed $11K… Continue Reading →

99K Challenge: Analyzing My Investment Portfolio

Net – Worth Update Liabilities Value Assets/Cash Value Student Loan A 0 Investments 12,073.27 Student Loan B 0 Cash 7,216.63 Student Loan C 0 Total 0 Total 19,289.90 NetWorth: 19,289.90 My Portfolio Today, I want to talk about all the… Continue Reading →

99K Challenge: Looking Into Real Estate

Net-Worth Update Liabilities Value Assets/Cash Value Student Loan A -0.37 Investments 5,650.33 Student Loan B -5500 Cash 11,738.00 Student Loan C -5500 Total -11000.37 Total 17,388.33 NetWorth: 6,387.96 Something to note is that I finally have enough cash to pay… Continue Reading →

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