Akash Invests – Realty Shares

Realty Shares Summary

Oh realty shares.  This was something I decided to invest in because I wanted to invest in real estate but did not have much money.  Anyways, the way it worked is that Realtyshares had a person that wanted a loan to rebuild a house.  Realty shares gave them a loan and then sold parts of that loan to individual investors like me.

I ended up buying about $4000 worth of debt from realty-shares and made about $370 from it over the course of a year and then some.  Overall, I like this kind of investment a bit more than preferred stock because it feels safer since your investment is backed by physical property.  However, it requires A LOT of money to get into.  You won’t be able to find $2000 deals on crowd-sharing platforms anymore.

Also, realtyshares seems to be in the process of going out of business, so I probably will not have the opportunity to invest with them in the future.

However, I am always open to this asset class and want to keep my eyes open for opportunities to invest in this in the future.