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Akash Invests – Lending Club

Akash Invests – Lending Club Lending club is a weird investment where you can loan out your money to random strangers at high interest rates.  Basically, it lets you become a loan shark!  Anyways, I invested in lending club at… Continue Reading →

Akash Invests – AHP Fund

Akash’s AHP FUND investment AHP Fund is a weird real estate investment that invests in non-performing mortgage notes.  Basically, what happens is that when people buy houses, they usually buy the house with a loan from a bank.  This loan… Continue Reading →

Akash Invests – RealtyShares

  Akash Invests – Realty Shares Oh realty shares.  This was something I decided to invest in because I wanted to invest in real estate but did not have much money.  Anyways, the way it worked is that Realtyshares had… Continue Reading →

Akash Invests – Junk Preferred Stock!

Hi!  This is part of a mini series that I am making where I go over some investments I made over the past two years and go over the outcomes and what I learned. The Investment The investment that I… Continue Reading →

The Return of Akash Sky

  It’s been quite a while since I last posted on this blog – nearly two years! Anyways, I am writing to say that I am somewhat back, though I am not making any promises yet for new engaging content. … Continue Reading →

7 Student Loan Mistakes to Avoid

  College and university tuitions are increasing every year and many use student loans when financing their education hoping to qualify for student loan forgiveness when they graduate. At $1.31 trillion, according to NerdWallet, student loan debt is higher than… Continue Reading →

Top Blogger’s Favorite Brokerages For Investing

Who’s your favorite brokerage and why? That’s the question I asked some bloggers.  Below, you’ll get to see each of their unique responses! The responses 1. I love Merrill Edge for those that have $50-100k to invest there. The give… Continue Reading →

Online Investing: 5 things everyone should know

Online Investing – 5 Key Things Everyone Should Know With the increasing number of online brokerages that are available, investing has never been easier. However, those who are just starting out can find themselves overwhelmed by all of these options…. Continue Reading →

The difference between good and bad debt

Today, we have a guest post from Amy Nickson.  She’s here to talk about what kinds of debt are good, and what kinds of debt are bad.  Enjoy the post! Good & Bad Debt: Know them well to remain risk… Continue Reading →

Stockpile Review: Investing for the 99 percent

Solving Investor Problems – A Stockpile Review In this blog post, I’m going to do a thorough Stockpile review so that you can decide whether or not Stockpile is the brokerage you want to use to invest in stocks. (This… Continue Reading →

5 Successes, 5 Mistakes, & 5 Lessons from a retired MBA

This post comes from Erith who blogs at Cracking Retirement about having fun after retiring, making the most of her money, travelling far and wide and enjoying her hobby: bashing metal. Erith is not a financial adviser and recommends you take professional… Continue Reading →

4 Tips To Overcome Fear When Investing

4 Tips To Overcome Fear When Investing When it comes to investing, the main reason most people don’t invest is because of fear. They fear losing the money they worked so hard for. I understand this fear when investing. Losing… Continue Reading →

Investing in Yourself: The Best Investment On The Market

On this blog, I talk a lot about equity (stocks, bonds) investments you can make with your money.  However, that’s not the only type of investment you can make – you can also invest in yourself!  My friend Kraken Fireball… Continue Reading →

Online Entrepreneurship & Side Hustles: So Many Lessons, So Little Time

The following is a guest post by Steven Goodwin from myfamilyonabudget.com.  He’s taken entrepreneurship into his own hands and quite a few lessons to share today! Online Entrepreneurship & Side Hustles: So Many Lessons, So Little Time Being an online… Continue Reading →

99K Challenge – old updates

From negative to positive My net worth has officially went from negative to positive.  I still have 11K in student loans to pay off, but they still have 3 months of grace period left on them, so I plan on… Continue Reading →

The 99K Challenge – Screw Debt, Chase Opportunity

What This Series Is Going To Be About This series is going to be my story about growth, possible entrepreneurship, and journey to accomplish a 99K challenge.  I’m going to write about the skills that I obtain, the problems I try to solve, my investment… Continue Reading →

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